PET Conference
16/17 October 2024 | Brussels



DeDeSales – the software solution that allows your external sales force in the pet industry to work on the move, digitally and even more efficiently. The smart external sales force solution for mobile order entry and CRM from DeDeNet GmbH has already boosted the efficiency, transparency and cost savings of numerous renowned companies in the pet industry and enabled them to digitalise their business processes. We know what your external sales force needs to do their daily work. After all, we've got 25 years of experience in the industry.

A harmonious ecosystem as a prerequisite for health is our top priority at Doderm. We bring the microbiome of pets into balance. And all without antibiotics, but in a sustainable and natural way. Every bottle of Doderm HydroRepairGel contains 10 years of intensive research as well as antibodies from milk as a mini-immune system that restore the balance of the skin for permanently healthy skin of dogs, cats and horses.

Handtmann offers modular and integrative solutions for petfood production from product preparation and processing all the way through to packaging. Solutions developed in-house for grinding, mincing, mixing, emulsifying, portioning, forming and dosing a great variety such as sausage and snack products, raw, wet, cooked, dry food and more. A comprehensive network of subsidiaries and partnerships in over 100 countries supports around the world.

Tyler Packaging are specialist suppliers of flexible paper and plastic packaging, with 40 years’ experience serving into the Human Food, Petfood, Lawn and Garden and other FMCG companies. Our markets are currently the UK, Europe, and North America. Our mission is to offer our customers sustainable packaging solutions, and to assist them in reducing their environmental impact on the planet through making the right choice for their business through packaging. Designing our packaging to be a future raw material, will ensure that Tyler will be around in another 40 years. | +44 (0)1926 651451

Zoomark is a leading international meeting place for pet industry manufacturers and distributors, the ideal platform on which to develop new partnerships, gain knowledge and exchange ideas
with a global audience. Zoomark 2025 is the 21st edition of the international trade show for pet food and pet care and will be staged from 5 to 7 May 2025.

International Pet Conference

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